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Perforated Metal Sheet for Power Plant Main Steam Strainers, Metal Screen Cylinder to Remove Solid Particles from Steam Supply

Perforated stainless steel offers great strength and rigidity in making of metal basket strainers for power plant construction. We supply perforated sheets processed filter elements in both standard and customized sizes for turbine protection. The large holes metal steel cylinder / grid is designed to remove solid particles from the steam supply. It can prevent foreign materials from the steam supply system.

Basket Style Filter Tube for Geothermal Steam Strainer
Round Hole Perforated Plates for High Pressure Steam Strainer Casing

Staggered Perforated Plate in Stainless Steel 316L is supplied with the following specifications:

- Material: Stainless 316L, 12mm tri pitch, ASTM 240 316L Grade
- Metal sheets of 4'x8'x8mm thickness 
- Hole Diameter : 8 mm
- Pitch : 12 mm
- Pattern: Round opening, staggered
- Angle : 60 deg.
- Holes: 4 x 20 mm diameter 30° off center line
- Designed differential pressure: 1.5 bar
- Structure: Sheet rolled to od 697.2mm
- The sheet: solid unperforated at 20-25 mm from 22 mm plate

Reduce levels of contamination
Enable high efficiency steam strainers for better quality steam.


Large Holes Punched Screen in ASTM 240 316L Grade for Turbine Protection Sleeves

Large Holes Punched Screen in ASTM 240 316L Grade for Turbine Protection Sleeves

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