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Perforated Decorative Copper Sheets and Architectural Grilles for Interior Building Cladding Decoration

Hengda offers a variety of decorative metal sheets perforated for decoration in a variety of materials and openings. The copper and brass sheets are mostly used for interior wall decoration with beautiful and warm color and a feeling of nobleness. Copper and brass perforated sheets are also known as perforated decorative grilles when it is used in building decoration. They never get rust and have aesthetic effect in the material itself. Adding the different style decorative designs, it has become the favor of modern architectural designers.

The decorative perforated copper sheets and grills are used as perforated copper cladding, which is a decorative element in interiors architectural designs. Perforations in copper inspire architects and planners to new creative works, for new visions in surface design and innovative applications of the versatile products.

Perforated Decorative Grilles Perforated Architectural Sheets
Perforated Decorative Grilles Perforated Architectural Sheets

Perforated copper sheets and grilles are excellent at resisting moisture and strong for its light-weight. This perforated metal is rust free and free of maintenance all through the working life.

Brilliant, high polished, reflective shine or a dull mill finish.

Features and Uses:
Perforated copper and brass can be used in flooring, wall panels, decoration, metal partitions,  perforated metal elements and many other decorative and architectural applications.

Patterns available:

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