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SUS 304 Punched Plate

SUS Punching Plate is a kind of round hole perforated metal in stainless steel 304 or 316 grade. SUS316 and 304 stamping metal is popular for fabricating of stainless steel filter elements and cartridges in industrial uses like chemical fiber and pharmacy. The punched stainless steel can be made into filter cylinders and baskets.

Hengda offers both SUS304 and 316 metal sheets for customer choice. The plate thickness is 0.5mm or custom size. Punching hole size is 0.1mm for filtration layer of the filter cartridges. The hole can be stamped and punched in big opening if the punched metal plate works as supporting layer for the filter elements instead of filter layer media. The Pitch size : 0.5mm or custom size. The plate sheet size: 500x500mm. All specifications can be made upon request. SUS punching plate is made of stainless steel sheet which has good corrosion and acid resistance.

SUS Punching Metal Plate can be supplied in various grades of stainless steel, with specifications as below:
Material: Stainless steel SUS304,304L,316,316L, etc.
Plate Thickness: 0.03-5.0mm
Hole size: 0.2-10mm
Sheet size: 1 X 2 meters.
0,915 x 2.44 (3 'x 8')
1.22 X 2.44 (4 'x 8')
0,915 x 3.05 (3 'x 10')
1.22 x 3.05m (4 'x 10')

Major Applicationsof stainless steel punching plate:
Air and Oil Filters;
Screening process for Grain;
Hammer Mills, Etc.

SUS 304 Punching Plate, Round Hole Stainless Steel Punched Metal Plate Filter Elements
SUS 304 Punching Plate, Round Hole Stainless Steel Punched Metal Plate Filter Elements
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