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Micro Expanded Metal Mesh for Battery, Shielding and Filter

Micro Expanded Metal refers to a metal mesh product formed by slitting and stretching a metal sheet or plate in a controlled pattern to create a fine mesh-like structure. This mesh material has diamonds or other shapes, but at a smaller, "micro" scale compared to the standard expanded metal.

  • Material: Micro expanded mesh can be made from various metals like aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and others.
  • Thickness and Dimensions: This type of expanded metal typically has a thinner sheet/plate starting material and smaller resultant openings. For instance, while standard expanded metal might have diamond-shaped openings that are several inches across, micro expanded metal might have openings measured in millimeters or even less.
  • Properties: The micron or fine open design provides ventilation, filtration, visibility. The stretching process makes expanded metal much stiffer than the original plate or sheet, yet it retains its structural integrity and is much lighter.
  • Manufacturing: Micro expanded metal is made in much the same way as its larger counterpart. A sheet or plate is fed into a machine that makes multiple parallel cuts, after which it is stretched, expanding the cuts into diamond-shaped holes.

Micro Expanded Mesh Sheet for Filters

Micro expanded metal, when used for filters, typically features diamond-shaped holes, which result from the expansion process. The slits made in the metal sheet or foil are stretched, creating this diamond pattern.
Characteristics of diamond hole micro expanded mesh can vary:

  • Diamond-shaped Holes: This is the standard and most common hole type for expanded metal, including micro expanded metal. The staggered diamond pattern provides a combination of good flow characteristics and structural integrity.
  • Aspect Ratio: The ratio of the long axis to the short axis of the diamond can be varied. For instance, elongated diamonds might be desirable in certain applications where directionality or specific flow characteristics are needed.
  • Strand Width: Refers to the width of the metal that forms the diamond shape. This can influence the strength, weight, and open area of the filter.
  • SWO (Short Way of Opening) and LWO (Long Way of Opening): These are standard measures for the size of the diamonds in expanded metal. In micro expanded metal, these dimensions can be quite small, suitable for fine filtration needs.
  • Tortuous Path: Due to the 3D structure of expanded metal, the path that a particle must navigate through the filter can be tortuous, meaning particles might be captured even if they are somewhat smaller than the actual SWO.

When using micro expanded metal for filtration:


  • Particle Size: The size of the diamond holes (both SWO and LWO) will determine the size of particles or contaminants the filter can capture.
  • Flow Rate: The total open area, which is a function of both the hole size and the strand width, affects the volume of fluid or air that can pass through the filter in a given time.
  • Material Selection: Depending on the application, the material used for the micro expanded metal filter (e.g., stainless steel, aluminum, titanium) can be crucial, especially if chemical resistance or biocompatibility is needed.
  • Micro expanded metal foils refer to very fine, intricately patterned expanded metal meshes made from extremely thin sheets or foils of metal.

Micron Expanded Mesh Sheet / Foil Applications:

  • Filtration: Especially in minute particulate separation.
  • Shielding: for electronic components to protect from electromagnetic interference.
  • Battery technologies: to improve conductivity and surface area without adding excessive weight.
  • Acoustic panels: for microphone, sound modulation.

Micro expanded metal foils for battery industry, flattened sheet, 0.02 mm thickness and span 10 cm x 10 cm.

Customized Specification Products

  • T316 SST metal, micro-expanded (SWO=0.8mm, LWO=2mm) and flattened. The coil width is 6.000 ±0.015 with 1,700 lineal footage. Other sizes available: width 8.250 ±0.015, also with 1,700 lineal footage.
  • Micro aluminium expanded metal mesh rolls, in the thickness regions of 0.1-0.5mm, ideally 0.2mm.
  • Micro expanded metal SS316 (SWO 0.8mm) (LWO 2mm) (Thickness 0.8mm) (Or similar)

Micro expanded metal foils, 0.02 mm thickness,10 cm x 10 cm size of foil

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