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Typical perforation patterns for steel sheets are diamond opening. Pperforated steel sheets are popularly used as safety flooring or decks due to the low cost and safety.

Manufactured from one-piece sheet material with serrated edges on top of diamond openings, this product provides an anti-slip resistant grip from all directions. They have integral side channels and can be manufactured in a variety of materials: pre-galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Considering the cost, galvanized steel perforated sheets are the mostly used one.

Perforated open grip planks are manufactured from one-piece sheet material with debossed holes. Because of the way these treads are designed and produced, Perforated sheet flooring retain a larger percent of their original non-slip characteristics over a longer period of time.

Benefits: Perforated sheet metal flooring is easy to install and should provide a long service life.
Finish: Zinc coated.

Patterns available for steel sheets perforated:
Round is the most common opening;

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