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Expanded Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Sheet for Archiecture Decoration and Auto Parts

Stainless steel expanded mesh sheet is a durable, corrosion-resistant metal sheet made by slitting and stretching a stainless steel plate to form diamond-shaped open grid patterns. It's commonly used in architecture, fencing, and filtration applications due to its strength and aesthetic appeal.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Sheet Common Specification

  • Material: Stainless Steel (common grades include 304, 316, 310, etc.)
  • Pattern: Raised (standard) or flattened.
  • Hole Types: Most commonly diamond-shaped, but can also be hexagonal, tortoise shell, and others.
  • Strand Width: This refers to the amount of metal fed under the press and can vary.
  • Thickness: Range from thin foils to heavier gauges, depending on the application.
  • Sheet Dimensions: Standard sheet sizes or custom dimensions depending on the intended use.
  • Finish: Most often mill finish, powder coated or treated for specific applications.

316 Grade Stainless Steel Expanded Steel Plate

316 stainless steel expanded mesh


  • LWD:4.5-200mm
  • SWD:2.5-80mm
  • Thickness:0.5-8mm
  • Strand width:0.5-10mm
  • SWM: Center from node to node of the length of the short diagonal.
  • LWM: Center from node to node of the length of the long diagonal.
  • SWD: The length of the short diagonal of the hole.
  • LWD: The length of the long diagonal of the hole.
  • Strand: Make a silk stem length of the metal plate used.
  • Bond: Two-node connections.
  • Surface treatment:
    PVC coated, Galvanized, Epoxy resin, anodic oxidation, anti-rush.

Expanded Mesh Sheet Diamond Shape for Automotive air filter mesh net.

Expanded Mesh Sheet Diamond Shape
Hole Size: 5*10 mm and 7*12 mm
Width:1.24 mmDiamond Hole Expanded Mesh Sheet
Sheet size : 4 ft x 8 ft/sh
Material : stainless steel 304-316
Mesh size : 1.33 swd,3.15 lwd
additional detail:
- 16 gauge
- opening size : 1.062 SWO, 2.75 LWO
- strand size : 0.050 thk, 0.119 width

Raised SS Expanded Metal, also known as "standard" or "regular" expanded metal

Raised Expanded Metal, also known as "standard" or "regular" expanded metal refers to the metal sheet product in which solid areas of the metal have been "slit and stretched" to form a pattern, typically a diamond-shaped mesh. The process raises the metal, providing a somewhat textured, raised surface on one side and a flatter surface on the opposite side. This textured surface increases the material's structural integrity, grip, and durability. Raised expanded metal is widely used in walkways, platforms, safety barriers, and architectural applications for its anti-slip properties and aesthetic appeal.

Raised expanded stainless steel mesh sheetRaised Expanded Metal 316 SS
Material thickness: 0.030in
Overall thickness: 0.100in
Width of opening: 0.070in
Length of opening: 0.50in

Flat Stainless steel 316 Expanded metal Mesh, Diamond or Square Hole

Flat type
Mesh: Diamond or Square
Material: Stainless steel 316
SWD X LWD = 3 X 5 mm
Thickness = 1 mm
Sheets :1200 X 2400 mm
Uses: For architectural facade design

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