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Perforated Metal Balustrade - Infill Panels for STAIRS / LADDERS / PLATFORMS / BALUSTRADES / HANDRAILS

We design and manufacture perforated balustrade panels in round hole and other hole patterns in all kinds of metal materials.

Perforated Metal Sheet is used popularly as balustrade infill panels for stairs and handrails. Architectural Perforated Balustrade Panels are both decorative and strong for safety guard railing purpose.

Materials: Perforated Stair and Handrail Balustrades are manufactured of stainless steel and aluminum perforated sheets mostly. Balustrades and handrails of perforated steel shall have a galvanized steel finish for corrosion resistance.

Balustrade infill panels are used as individual infill panels or continuous balustrades to suit floors / ladders / stairs.

Perforated Balustrade Panel Railing System offers following features in replacing woven mesh balustrades and other materials:

Decorative visual effects;
Modern sense and flexibility in design;
Cost effectiveness;
Strong and safe guarding;
Corrosion resisting and maintenance free;
Easy to install and clean;
Supplied in various forms, finishes, sizes, weights;
Energy saving;
Privacy keeping.

Perforated Metal Balustrade of Perforated Aluminium Sheet

Color: Dark, satin, black, anodized, various
Perforated aluminum balustrades can be supplied in a variety of finishes, colors and designs.
Featuring light weight, good light transimission, options of patterns and holes.

Balustrades of Perforated Galvanized Steel Infill Panels for Steel Plant Platforms
For external metalwork including steel plant platforms and associated external metalwork, roof walkway system and access ladders to be galvanized finish.

Expanded metal decking or steel grating systems with key clamp type galvanized steel handrail / balustrade / guard rails to delivery areas and roofs, fire escape stairs and walkway systems at roof level deemed Common Areas.
Vertical Access ladders with protection hoops as required to plant roofs for maintenance access to be galvanized steel finish.

Rounded holes 60 degrees staggered centres panels for Stair and Landing Balustrades

Perforation patterns as drawing:

Perforated Stair Balustrades - Metal Panel Railing System

Prime stainless steel grade EN 1.4878 Perforated Sheets for Balustrades
Sheet size: 2mm x 1000mm x 2000mm
Perforation description:
45 degrees hole patterns
1.8mm - Hole size
9mm - Hole Center
Stainless steel railings available in powder-coated colors and custom designs.

Choosing Perforated Balustrade Panels

Choose metal sheets according to material properties, specific requirements and architectural styles.

Aluminum perforated balustrades
Aluminum perforated balustrades are lightweight, corrosion resistant, featuring high strength-to-weight ratio, easy cleaning, multi color choice and finishes.

Stainless steel perforated balustrades
Perforated stainless steel balustrade is resistant to corrosion in general, while austenitic stainless steel featuring good plasticity, martensitic stainless steel featuring higher hardness.

Galvanized steel perforated balustrades
Cost effective material by using hot dipped galvanized steel sheets punched. The heavy zinc coating will provide excellent corrosion resisting and a shine surface.

Copper balustrades
Copper perforated panels features a sense of vintage, classical and nobleness.

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