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Galvanized Steel Fire Escape Staircase - Perforated Staircase

We supply galvanized steel staircases for factories, plants, fire escapes. Fire escape stairs can also be supplied in aluminum or stainless steel perforated sheet for higher budget projects.

Our architectural metal works are used both for construction of new fire escape staircases or installation of new fire escape stairs in replacement of the old stairs.

Fire escape stairs are emergency exits mounted mostly to outside of the buildings, providing a means of flight from fire or other emergency events inside the building.

Fire escape stairs are constructed with three metal structural elements: horizontal platforms, steel walkways / ladders or stairs, hand railings.

Metal steel platform floor and and stair treads are usually made of steel grating panels with anti slippery checkered plates.


Galvanized Steel Fire Escape Staircase

Mostly commoned used fire flight stairs.
Flight stairs with landings manufactured from mild steel galvanised finish or painted colors.
Stair treads: Checker plate;
405 flat top railing;
12mm infilling bars.
Finishes: Black, painting or galvanization


Perforated Steel Treads for Fire Escape Ladders

Perforated steel fire escape formed from perforated steel treads 20mm in thickness.
The stair treads onto stringers 175mm deep and 8mm thick.


Aluminum Fire Escape Stairs / Ladders

Material: High quality aluminum anodized for extra protection.
1.Fire escape stairs;
2.Steel grating stair treads, pressure welding, hot dipped galvanized

Project - Replacement of Old Fire Escape Stairs

We supply frame, balustrade, stair treads and landing for the entire new fire espace system:


Metal Frame:

Element Width Height Flange Thickness
Column 110mm 130mm 6.5mm
Cross Bracing 65mm 65mm 5mm
Secondary Beam 78mm 48mm 8mm


Balustrade panels:

Element Width Height
Spindle 20mm (Diameter) 1050mm
Handrail 40mm 15mm


Staircase with tread plates:

Element Width Height Thickness
Stringer N/A 175mm 8mm
Tread 910mm 270mm 20mm



Element Width Height Thickness
Supporting PFC 75mm 150mm 4.0mm
Supporting Angle 80mm 130mm 3.0mm
Steel Grating 1100mm (Max) 1100mm (Max) 20m


Safety Principles

In producing and supplying fire espace staircase, we always abide following three major principles:
Safety guaranteed by stable and adequate strength proved by load test or other means;
Safety guaranteed by anti slippery design of exterior stairways: the fire escape shall be made against fire, snow and slipping;
Safety guaranteed by meeting related International Fire Code Testing and Certifications required from different countries for exterior bridges, stairways, fire escapes, balcony railings panels structural adequacy and safety at set period.

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