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Aluminum Diamond Hole Expanded Sheet, Heavy Type, Micron and Foil Expanded Aluminum

We produce a variety of Expanded Aluminum Metal in standard, heavy, flattened, and special patterns. Our products come in various designs and sizes to cater to customer preferences. You're always welcome to contact us with your specific requirements. Expanded Aluminum Mesh offers many advantages over carbon-expanded steel and stainless steel, including lighter weight and enhanced corrosion resistance.

The Expanded Aluminum Metal we offer is categorized into different grades:

  • Standard Rhombic Shaped Expanded Aluminum Metal
  • Heavy Type Expanded Aluminum Metal (Tortoise-shaped)
  • Flattened Type Expanded Aluminum Metal
  • Micron Expanded Metal Mesh made from Aluminum Foil
  • Special Types of Expanded Aluminum Mesh

Customized Specification Products

  • Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh 6mm thick with 30-50mm opening
  • 48" x 150' – 0.5 (2.5mm opening) Aluminum Expanded Mesh
  • Aluminum Hexagonal Expanded Metal for Filter Mesh
  • Aluminium foil expanded metal.
  • Aluminium Filter Mesh (24.5" X 50' X 5/8" fits roll, 9 ply)
    Aluminium Filter Mesh (40" X 50' X 5/8" fits roll, 9 ply)
    Aluminium Filter Mesh (40" X 64" X 5/8" fits)

1, Expanded Aluminum Metal, Standard Diamond / Rhombic Shaped Hole

This type of expanded metal is made from aluminum and has a standard diamond or rhombic pattern. This is the most common pattern for expanded metal sheets. The diamond-shaped openings are formed when the metal sheet is slit and stretched, creating a mesh-like appearance. This design provides a combination of strength, lightness, and open space, making it suitable for a variety of applications, from architectural to industrial. Aluminum, being resistant to rust and lightweight, is an ideal material for such uses.

Expanded Aluminum Metal Micron Opening
Use: Expanded aluminum metal micron 
opening is mainly for battery
Note: Micron expanded aluminum metal
is an alternative product for aluminum 
alloy woven wire netting

Expanded Aluminum Metal in Diamond Hole
Use: Standard expanded aluminum metal for architectural and guarding sheet

2, Expanded Aluminum Metal, Heavy Type (Tortoise-shaped)

The term "Heavy Type" suggests that the metal is thicker or denser than the standard expanded metal, rendering it sturdier and more appropriate for heavy-duty applications. unlike the conventional rhombic or diamond shape, The Tortoise-shell or Hexagonal pattern of the expanded aluminum offers greater strength, providing an alternative structural and aesthetic properties compared to the regular pattern. Such a design is often selected for its specific load-bearing capabilities, visual appeal, or other unique needs demanding the strength and resilience of a heavy type expanded metal.

Expanded Aluminum Metal Heavy Type
Use: Flooring and guarding

Expanded Aluminum Metal
Heavy Type
Use: Mine sifters

3, Expanded Aluminum Metal Sheet, Flattended Type

Flattened expanded aluminum metal is produced by taking standard expanded aluminum metal slightly raised and diamond-shaped pattern, processing it through heavy rollers to flatten it. This procedure eliminates sharp edges and diminishes the height of the diamonds, yielding a smoother, more level surface. While this type of metal maintains many advantages of the standard expanded aluminum, such as being lightweight and resistant to corrosion, it also offers the aforementioned benefits. It is ideal for various applications, including architectural panels, protective barriers, and decorative elements.

Expanded Aluminum Metal

Flattened Sheet

Use: As architectural and decoration materials

4, Micron Expanded Metal in Aluminum Foil

Micron expanded metal, crafted from aluminum foil, is an ultra-fine metal mesh often employed in applications necessitating delicate filtration, shielding, or other specialized functions. The use of aluminum foil as the foundational material ensures that the expanded metal remains both lightweight and resistant to corrosion, leveraging aluminum's inherent resistance to oxidation. Producing micron expanded metal from aluminum foil demands precision machinery. During the manufacturing process, the foil undergoes slitting and stretching to form the mesh, maintaining the aluminum's integrity while achieving the requisite mesh design. As a specialized product, micron expanded metal derived from aluminum foil uniquely blends finesse, strength, and adaptability.

Expanded Aluminum Foil

Type: Micron opening mesh

Use: Ventilation of air-conditioners, or other filter uses.

5, Expanded Aluminum Metal, Special Types

We are providing as follows some samples of special Aluminum Expanded Metal, mostly used as decorative mesh. You are always welcome to contact us with your most specific requirements.

Expanded Aluminum Metal

Wave Pattern

Use: Ventilation parts for air conditioners


Expanded Aluminum Metal

Use: Decorative mesh


Expanded Aluminum Metal with a combination of multi opening desigh

Use: Decorative mesh


Expanded Aluminum Metal with Triangle Pattern

Use: Decorative mesh

Expanded Aluminum Metal, Oxidized, Color Painted
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