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Perforated Ducting

Perforated metal can be made into perforated ducting in mild steel sheet from 6mm to 25mm thickness. Perforated in a parallel or staggered arrangement to meet your specific requirements. Various metal widths and lengths available. Finishes usually are offered in mild steel but can be galvanized or painted to customers order.

Stainless steel perforated ducting is available to satisfy health and safety requirements in the food and chemical industries.

A fine aperture is sometimes required in combination with high load bearing properties. A solution may be obtained by placing a thinner, finely perforated sheet on top of the thick plate, which has larger holes. Connection of the two is obtained either by tack welding, or, if the thinner sheet must be removed for cleaning purposes, countersunk screws are applied.

Interior Perforated Pipe for Double Wall Duct Work

Perforated steel sheet fabricated into spiral pipes, used as inner wall for duct work noise reduction and air erosion.
Material: Steel perforated, galvanized, or ss
Galvanized steel perforated spiral pipe for duct work
Perforated metal tubing, fine round hole staggered, welded in spiral forms in length

Perforated Metal Scrap Supporting Ducting Pipe

Perforated metal strapping / strips, dust work accessories

Material: Galvanized steel, stainless steel

Double Layer Metal Duct

Out side metal sheet, inside perforated tubing
Metal duct wall

More Perforations Types

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