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Perforated Stainless Steel Milling Screen

Hengda supplies perforated Stainless Steel Screen, metal screen parts for milling plant used as hammer mill strainers. It is widely used for various rice mills for rural and urban areas, farm, grain depot and rice markets for producing high quality polished rice and grains.

Product Features:
The ss milling screen sieves offer precise slot opening and fine filtration;
The stainless steel material 302 and 304 applied offers excellent corrosion resistance and durable uses;
Non-deforming to cause bad milling;
No-clogging to cause detaining of flour or grains in the machine;
Easy cleaning and replacement of the parts.

Hammer Milling Strainers Made of Perforated Stainless Steel 304

The Rice and Grain Comprehensive Milling Plants with Perforated Mill Screens Have the Following Benefits:

1.Perfect technological flow and complete devices for cleaning, de-stone, magnets, hulling, paddy separator, thickness grading, rice milling, white rice grading, polishing, color sorting, length selection, automatic measurement and package.
2. High automation degree and continuous automatic operation from the paddy leaving deposit to finished rice packing.
3. Perfect bran collection and dust removal system results in a clean operational environment.
4. Various matching specifications and meeting the requirements of different users.

Main technical parameters of the Milling Machines:

Type Output (Kg/h) Power (Kw) Notes
HD88 1300-1700 88 Output 30 MT/day
HD135 1800-2200 135 Output 50 MT/day
HD220 2800-3500 220 Output 80 MT/day
HD275 3500-5000 275 Output 100 MT/day
HD360 5500-6500 360 Output 150 MT/day
HD485 7500-8500 485 Output 200 MT/day
HD756 12500-13500 756 Output 300 MT/day
HD1050 16500-17500 1050 Output 400 MT/day
HD1350 22000-25000 1350 Output 600 MT/day
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