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Perforated Metal Green Parts for Rotary Rice Graders

Grading of the rice processed is an important part for rice milling. This stainless steel perforated metal screen sieve works mainly as machine parts for separating the processed rice and the broken rice. Two kinds of grader screens: one kind is used to separate the broken rice from full rice and long rice, called length grader screen or sieve; the other kind is used to sifting the head rice and the broken rice, called as common grader screen or sieve.

The Grader screen sieve is made of perforated metal panels with oblong openings.

Perforated Rice Length Grading Sieve

Screen Sieves Features:
Stainless steel grade material ensures long service;
Strong flat sheet ensures no changing of shapes and normal sieving;
Precise slotted holes ensures micron filtering;
Easy to cleaning and no waste of rice.

Benefits of Rice Grader with Perforated Screen Sifting:

1. Layer of sieve surface generates three different movement tracks and has quick sieving speed and excellent results.
2. Equipped with sieve holes with multiple specifications and is suitable for use with different types of rice.
3. It has bran absorption and rice cooling device which improve sieving performance.
4. Hanging sieve body provides rotary movement; low power usuage and low noise level.

Length Grader Working with Metal Screens Parts:
Range of Application:
The Length Grader is widely used for the separation of broken rice from full rice and long rice.

1. Follow the head rice and broken rice length difference's principle to separate the head rice and broken rice.
2. The machine is effective in thoroughly grading both head rice and broken rice, with no broken rice contained in the head rice and no head rice contained in the broken rice.
3. Easily exchangeable screen tube, easily operated.
4. Customized screen tube combination can meet different process flow requirements.

Main technical parameters of the Rice Grader Machines:

Power (Kw) Packing Size
Gross Weight
Separation Result (%)
Percentage of head rice contained in broken rice Percentage of broken rice contained in head rice
800 0.75 2780*800*980 800 ≤2 ≤5
1200 0.75*2 3160*800*1730 1000 ≤2 ≤5
1500 0.75*2 2850*800*1730 980 ≤2 ≤5
2000 0.75*3 3160*800*2530 1050 ≤2 ≤5
2500 0.75*3 2850*800*2530 900 ≤2 ≤5
3500 0.75*4 3160*800*3180 1080 ≤2 ≤5
1500 0.75*2 3160*880*1880 890 ≤2 ≤5
4400-5500 1.5*3 3380*1180*2830 1130 ≤2 ≤5
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