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Round Hole Perforated Sheet

We are one of the leading manufacturers of round hole perforated sheets based in Hebei, China.

We offer best quality perforated sheets. Our capacity and capability are as given below:

Perforated sheets
1) Type of perforation – circular round hole, oblong round hole, square hole, decorative hole.
2) Hole size – 0.5mm to 30.00mm
3) Thickness – 0.3mm to 4.00mm
4) Material – (CRCa) Mild steel, Galvanized steel, SS 316, SS304, Aluminum, Monel, Copper.
5) Width – Up to 1250 mm

We offer full sheets in size of 1250mm x 2500mm, 1000mm x 2000mm or cut size like 200x500mm or as per customers requirement.

We also offer sheets fabrication process followed by perforation, including but not limited to cutting, bending, notching, anodizing, painting, welding, fastening, etc.

Round Hole Perforated Sheets are manufactured in straight round hole or staggered hole patterns.

Hole pattern, or the arrangement of round holes on a perforated sheet is staggered or in straight rows.

In a staggered hole pattern, the direction of the stagger is normally parallel to the short dimension of the sheet. Standard pattern applied to round hole perforated metal sheet is 60° staggered. 45° hole patterns also available upon request.

Choosing Staggered Round Hole Patterns:
45° degrees staggered
60° degree staggered

60° degree staggered centers round hole is the most popular type because of its inherent strength, its multitude of varied open areas and attractive appearance. Variations include 45 degree staggered, and straight line pattern.

The materials of perforated round hole metals are mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and so on.

Round hole perforated metal sheet is both strong and aesthetic and versatile. Major Applications:
Wall & ceiling panels;
Architectural mesh;
Diffuser screen;
Façade mesh;
Speaker grill;
Washing machine parts;
Security mesh;
Anti slippery tread plates;


Round Hole Perforated Metal
Perforated Size: From 0,5 mm. to 120 mm.
Sheet Thickness: From 0,5 mm to 20 mm. (depending on perforation)
Size: 2.000 mm. wide in sheets (depending on perforation). 
         1.500 mm. wide in roll (depending on perforation)
Other types of perforation on request.

Long Round Holes Perforated Metal
Perforated Size: From 1 x 20 mm. to 10 x 40 mm.
Sheet Thickness: From 0,5 mm to 8 mm. 
Size: 2.000 mm. wide in sheets 
         1.500 mm. wide in roll

Above sheet thickness and sizes vary according to the perforated mesh sizes.



Size: MS perforated sheet 4' X 8' X 3mm thick (6 or 8mm hole size), perforated with non-slip embossed round hole (dimple pattern)as image below

Pattern: MS perforated slip resistant safety walkway panel Dimple Pattern, galvanized finish

Perf metal sheet speaker mesh micro pattern. 1/16" holes on 1/16" centers. 
Material: aluminum
thickness: 2mm
Grid size: 744*594mm

We are having obtained from one of our clients in Turkey an enquiry to secure a demand of perforated Stainless steel sheets in coils.

Perforated Round Hole Size: 0,8 mm
Sheet Thickness: 0,4 mm 
Sheet Width:270 mm
In coils 
Quantity:56000 meters monthly
Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Application:Washing machines

100 MM diameter, 2 mm thick having 1.0 mm hole  SS 304 round perforated plate

Round Hole Perforated Mesh
aluminum perforated sheet
40% micro-perforation and vertical verve.thickness 1mm.

Design Purpose: Architectural Exterior Cladding and Decoration
Round Hole Facade

We supply quality perforated metal sheet (diffusers) with the following specification.

Perforated sheet
Hole Diameter
Number of Holes Free Area Sheet Metal Diffuser
W*H (mm)
1 9 34080 60% 1780*2030
2 8.5 35023 55% 1780*2030
3 8 35944 50% 1780*2030
4 7.5 36806 45% 1780*2030
5 7 39435 42% 1780*2030

The metal sheet diffuser comes with thickness of 2 mm, circular holes, in a square mesh sheet, for ceiling air vent inlet face plate.

Perforated Stainless steel sheets in coils:
Perforated Round Hole Size: 0,8 mm
Sheet Thickness: 0,4 mm 
Sheet Width:270 mm
In coils 
Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel
Application: Washing machines

Galvanized and painted perforated steel coil for a acoustic application in roof panels: 60cm with in 0.4mm gauge, the pattern of the round holes be square, color Grey.

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