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Checker Plates in Aluminum, Steel, Stainless for Anti Skid Wall Way and Industrial Flooring

Chequer plate makes ideal material where a large area needs to be covered, either it is on the floor or to protect an area of wall, which could be damaged due to movement of goods i.e. pallet trucks in a warehouse environment and the interior of a truck/van.

Features and Application: Chequer plate or checker plate is both slip-resistant and decorative. We can supply perforated checkered plates to allow drainage, or fabricated step plates or tread plates.

Standard Sizes: We supply chequer plate (checker plate) in sheet thickness from 2mm to 6mm.

Main types:
· Stainless steel checkered plate
· Aluminum Diamond plate
· Checkered steel plate perforated metal.

Main market:
Building & construction material importers and wholesalers in USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Other Countries.

4mm thickness Alum Perforated Checkered Sheet

4mm thickness Aluminum Perforated Checkered Sheet in Mill Finish
Grade: AA3003-H14.
Perforated plate for architectural application

Steel Chequered Plate

Non-skid steel plate, for platform truck flooring
Material:BS EN 10025 OF 2004 GRADE:S 275 JR

Hot rolled chaquered steel plate
Anti-skidding plate, of hot rolled chequered steel, panel size 6x 1250 x 2500mm, thickness:6mm

Checkered Plate Perforated Metal

Perforated steel flooring for shipping container rooftop decks/walkways

Perforated steel walkway and platform stair treads
Perforated metal sheet flooring: 2.4m x 3m decks, of mild steel galvanized post-fabrication, for slip resistance

AL-2024 T4 Diamond Pattern Checker Plate

Material: 2024 aluminium
Diamond Plate Resist Skid Checker Plate: diamond pattern, one bar, for walkway project

AL-2024 T4 Diamond Pattern Aluminum Checker Plate
1220MM X 2440MM X 1.2MM AL-2024 T4 Diamond pattern checker plate
460MM X 2440MM X 1.2MM AL-2024 T4 Diamond pattern checker plate

Stainless Steel Diamond Plate

Stainless steel diamond (or checker) plate
4' X 8' X 1.2 MM Thick Stainless Steel Diamond Plate Skid Resisting Checker Plate
4' X 8' X 1.2 MM Thick Diamond Plate Resist Skid Checker Plate

SS 304 Resist Skid Diamond Plate
Stainless steel checkered plate in diamond pattern, 4' X 8' X 4 mm thick, material: SS304, for Russia market

(A3105) Aluminum Checker Plate, 2mm thick, five bar pattern

A3105 Aluminum Checker Plate, 2mm thick, five bar chequered in diamond pattern
Five bar checkered plate, 1.22mx2.44mx2mm thick
Full specifications per attached file.

One Bar Stainless Steel Checkerplate, Grade 304/304L

304/304L stainless steel Hot Rolled checker plate
Material: SS304, 304L

Sheet size:
3.5mm 304/304L Hot Rolled 1220 x 2440 (1 bar)
4.5mm 304/304L Hot Rolled 1220 x 2440 (1 bar)
6.0mm 304/304L Hot Rolled 1220 x 2440 (1 bar)

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Checker Plate

(13x) 3/8” thick x 16” x 24”
(4x) 1/4” thick x 8” x 16”
(17x) 1/4” thick x 16” x 24”

Heavily Galvanized Steel Checkered Plate One Bar Diamond Pattern

Aluminum Skid Plate and Aluminium Coil

Skid Checker Plate
Material: A1050
Plate size: 3 x 1200x 2400mm

Aluminium checkered plate AA3105
Patterns: Five bar
2.5mm x 4'
3.0mm x 4'
4.0mm x 4'
4.5mm x 4'

Aluminium Coil AA1100 -H14
0.3mm x 4'
0.4mm x 4'
0.7mm x 4'
0.8mm x 4'
1.0mm x 4'
1.2mm x 4'
1.5mm x 4'
2.0mm x 4'
2.5mm x 4'
3.0mm x 4'
4.5mm x 4'

Carbon Steel Chequered Plate

Chequered plate size 10mmx1500x6000mm, material:Carbon steel
Chequered plate raised pattern.
Chequered pattern according to attached file.

Chequered Plates - 316L

Chequered stainless steel plates :
Dimensions: 2438x1219mm
GRADE : 316 L
Sheet thickness 3.5mm, thickness of raising 1.5mm, total thickness of the plate: 5mm
Drawing references in attached file.

Anti-slip Raised Aluminum Trailer Decking
Alu perforated checkered plate floor

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