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Perforated Metal Features

■Acoustic Noise Isolation Effects

Perforated metal mesh with the noise and the sound of resonance, and can combine sound-absorbing materials such as glass wool to achieve a better effect of noise isolation.

■Filter function

Filter Target: liquid, gas, and so on. For example, it can be used for the oil filter, air filter, and so on.

■Change the speaker's sound quality

Through different aperture to control the flow of gas, and have beautiful results.

■Blinds Shade Effect

Lightweight materials, can be used to conduct an independent design, to improve our activities in space.

■Environmental Impact of Design

Can be designed into a variety of geometric shapes, to meet modern architectural beauty.

■Using of perforated metal can make the traditional components more compact

In the construction, medical supplies and other industrial applications.

3.Uses of perforated metal in specific fields:

Building internal and external decoration, available in different areas of focus.

■Exterior Building Decoration

General decoration of various external walls of buildings, staircases, balconies, beautifully decorated tables and chairs of the office.

■Indoor and outdoor applications

Can be used for lots of cities across the highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities in the municipal environmental noise control barriers, building wall objects, generator room, factory premises, noise and other sources of noise with sound-absorbing acoustic panels. Can be used in the ceiling, wall of sound-absorbing materials.


Can be used for mechanical equipment shields, ornate Speaker net enclosures, all kinds of filters.

■Electrical appliances and other

Electrical appliances cooling, food, feed, the mine mill sieve, sieve, stainless steel fruit basket, covers, fruit and other kitchen utensils, and shopping shelves, decorative exhibition racking, the air ventilation screen mesh, water treatment filter, soccer field, and so on.

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